Waffles with bananas


Waffles with bananas and organic blueberry syrup and pure maple syrup. This was my breakfast the other day. It was so good and not junk. It was easy to prepare. I got the waffles from Costco, which is really a good deal. I’d like to make my own waffles but it takes time, so frozen waffles save me time. I always buy the pure maple syrup because it’s more natural and tastes way better than waffle or pancake syrup. I wish I had fresh strawberries on that day, but it still tasted really good with bananas.


This is a late post. I had this breakfast about weeks ago. It was cereal with bananas and some dried fruits (cranberries and raisins) and cashews, 1/4 bagel and green tea. It was delicious!

A pelican at the pier


I was excited when I saw a big pelican just a few feet away from me at the pier. The pelican was huge. I took the liberty to take a picture of this beautiful creature before it flew in the sky.

Zoo animals

"Komodo dragon"

We went to the zoo last month. I was surprised to see a lot of people at the zoo on a weekday. I guess, it’s because it’s summer time! Kids are out of school and parents take their kids to the zoo. My friend at the church told me about nighttime zoo. Maybe I’ll check it out one of these days. Anyhow, I got the chance to see a komodo dragon the last time I was there. Every time I see a komodo dragon, it always reminds me of  one of episodes in “Jonny Quest”.



 I was fascinated to see two peacocks resting on the roof. They looked like they were guarding the zoo. (lol)

Candy House

Took this picture at Sprouts Farmers Market a few months ago. I was amazed when I saw this Alice in Wonderland inspired candy house. The owner of the store bought this candy house for a great cause."Candy house"

"Candy House"


"Candy House"

Photo of the day

These are what I received from my family on Mother’s Day. I got flowers and two cards. It was so nice of them. I must admit that I expect something on Mother’s Day (lol). If I don’t receive anything, I’d probably get sulky and upset (haha).