Waffles with bananas


Waffles with bananas and organic blueberry syrup and pure maple syrup. This was my breakfast the other day. It was so good and not junk. It was easy to prepare. I got the waffles from Costco, which is really a good deal. I’d like to make my own waffles but it takes time, so frozen waffles save me time. I always buy the pure maple syrup because it’s more natural and tastes way better than waffle or pancake syrup. I wish I had fresh strawberries on that day, but it still tasted really good with bananas.


This is a late post. I had this breakfast about weeks ago. It was cereal with bananas and some dried fruits (cranberries and raisins) and cashews, 1/4 bagel and green tea. It was delicious!

Christmas goodies



These are the goodies (granola, fudge, pistachios, chocolateĀ  acai with blueberry, cashews) we received from my mom-in law through FedEx the other day. We received two packages. We are not going to open the other box (as requested by my husband’s mom) until Christmas.

Too many sweets this Christmas season, but I give myself permission to indulge during this time of the year. I know this is going to blow my diet. [Read more…]

Thanksgiving dinner



We had a great Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Actually, we had a vegan dinner. No turkey harmed and no dairy at all. My family loved it. We had a Tofurky roast, cranberry sauce, bread, green beans and mashed potatoes. No dessert! haha I asked my family, if they want a pie or ice cream, they didn’t seem to be interested in it so I didn’t bother myself making or getting one at the store. Actually, I only like apple pie and it has to be from Julian.

Thanksgiving is not only a national holiday but it’s the time of the year to give thanks to the Almighty God. In 1789, George Washington instituted Thanksgiving and recommended to the people in the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed this tradition to be a national holiday to praise and thank God.

Homemade potato chips

"Potato chips"


My stepson always asks me if I could make him potato chips. Finally, I made him some the other day. He really liked it. He jokingly told me that I should open a restaurant and sell some potato chips. lol Anyhow, the process of making home made potato chips is very easy. You will need the following:

Russet potatoes
canola oil or vegetable oil


Cut potatoes thinly.
Rinse with water until the water becomes clear. This is to get rid of too much starch found in potatoes.
Soak them in water with salt.
Fry them until golden brown.
Serve with salt

Making your deserts different from everyone else?

Many people try to use their own individuality in order to come up with their own creations. For instance, one of the fastest growing deserts that is becoming popular for the holidays is a combination cheesecake and sweet potato pie. Basically you mix the base for both deserts, and you create one cake out of them. This has grown to be a very popular desert to have and share with friends and family over the holidays, and there also many other options for those out there that want to put a creative spin on their favorite deserts. Often times, you can evenĀ order cheesecake online.

There are those who like to add things like chocolate and peanut butter to their cheesecake, and there are also those who enjoy fruit on top of the deserts that they like. These are all great ideas, and they can help take deserts from being boring and bland to very flavorful and even fun. All of the different things that you can put on these different deserts is going to depend on your personal taste, or the likes and dislikes of the people that you are going to be cooking these items for.

If you decide that there are some creative licenses that you want to take with the different things that you are going to be eating, it pays to have a good basic recipe to work with as a base for the desert, in order to have something to work with that you can build on. This can help to prevent a lot of different things from going wrong when it comes to the cooking part. There are many things that can go wrong, and it may take some work in order to perfect making these kinds of things.

Deserts are foods that are easily shared among people, and it is something that everyone can enjoy. There are also a lot of memories that surround the world of deserts. Different tastes and smells can recall us back to our childhoods, or other special times in our lives. When it comes to making these different items, it is important to be an individual and to put your own spin on the deserts that you are going to make. If you do not have the time to make these yourself, you can always order cheesecake online as well.