Caring for my parents

I hung out with one of my former co-workers at the beach last Friday. We used to work together at a nursing home before. It was so nice to see her. I kind of missed working at the nursing home. I had to quit working because I have to take care of my kid. Working in the nursing home was a fulfilling and rewarding job. It was fulfilling in the sense that I feel good about helping other people, most especially the helpless and needy ones. I love helping people.

 Anyhow, we talked about our work before and during our conversation, I thought of how times flies quickly and how short life is. We don’t stay young. As we become old, our life can turn out to be painful and annoying. We may not be able to move on our own and may suffer from different diseases and health problems. I notice these things about my parents. I know as they get older, they may not able to move on their own. That’s why I want to provide much needed love, care and attention to my parents.

Shower Commode Transport Chair

It is undeniable that as we get older, our efficiency in doing particular thing slows down. I hope my parents will still be able to use the bathroom or shower on their own someday, but in case, they couldn’t. Well, I will probably get them a Shower Commode Transport Chair. I’m sure I can find and shop online for this chair but heaven forbids (knock on wood). I pray and hope that they remain healthy and able. As much as possible, I want to lessen and minimize the pain and suffering that my parents may experience someday. I want to provide their needs and give them proper guidance as they get older. That’s how much I love my parents.


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