New Year 2013

Just updating this blog. Happy New Year! I haven’t updated this blog since the holiday started. I got very busy sending out some cards and gifts to my friends and relatives. So far, I had a great Christmas and New Year’s eve. We had a small family party at home. I can say that I really missed my family back in the Philippines and my husband’s family in Oregon. In 2011, we celebrated Christmas and new year’s in Oregon. It was fun. It was the best Christmas since I got here in the U.S. I love family gathering for that time of the year. Anyhow, I got some cool stuff on Christmas – PJs and sandals. I was very happy with my new Birkenstock sandals. They are way cooler and more comfortable than my old pair. Well, I needed to toss out and dump my old Birkenstock. They were worn out and not comfortable to wear anymore.  I wore the sandals around the house. I can’t wear ordinary slippers at home because of my bunions. I need a footwear, like Birkenstock, that will support my feet. Believe it or not, my old pair served me well for four years- I wore them every day. Well, I’m hoping this new pair will also last for years (because Birkenstock is the best). Thanks to my mom in-law for this gift.

Birkenstock sandals

My new Birkenstock sandals

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