Life is indeed full of problems, trials and hardships.

I just want to share this bible verse that I saw on Instagram last night. I needed this passage to help me realize that life is indeed full of problems, trials and hardships.

Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you. – John 16:22

Here’s what I learned from this passage. That we will have troubles in life. There will be grief, sadness, sufferings and hurt. No one is exempted from these things. However,  we should not let them take over our life. Don’t let these things be all we think about. We should learn to live above all difficulties. The question is how? Through our Lord Jesus, we can have the power to face all problems with a smile. God will fill our mind with Peace and Joy that no one can take away from us.

Succulent Plants

Succulents make great indoor plants. I got this very pretty succulents in Portland, Oregon last Spring.

Succulents should be watered generously in the summer. But do not water them too much because you will kill them. And during the winter, when the plants go dormant, cut watering back to once every other month. They need less light during the winter.

Even Morning People Sometimes Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed

A lot of people simply bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn (or even earlier) full of energized, ready and enthusiasm to manage the day ahead, but for others the story is extremely different. Many people are not, and not will be “morning people”, but the problem is that the vast majority of us can’t enjoy the luxury of lying in bed until 9 or 10 – work happens and there is a time clock waiting for us, or school runs happen, life happens – there just aren’t enough hours left in the day after a good lie-in.

Don’t worry, even if you’re the type of person going to snooze on your own alarm clock and roll over returning to sleep there are some tips and tricks which you can use that will help you in your task.

• Get to bed a little earlier, as soon as you feel tired. I realize, I’m commencing to sound like your Mom but unfortunately it is very true. Don’t be tempted to stay up later than you should in order to complete some project or watch the end of your movie. If you go to bed at roughly the same time each night your body clock will adjust and you’ll be able to drop off to sleep quite easily . . . and more importantly wake up very easily feeling refreshed.

Prior to going to bed – this is a good one, • Pick your clothes out for your following morning. How many times would you lay in bed for a good 5, 10 and even 15 minutes as you can’t visualize a thing to use admit it? It saves having to make any sort of decision so at the beginning of the day.

• Move your alarm clock to the other part of the room – ouch! Most of us are programmed to hit the “snooze” button without even gaining consciousness and that’s bad. That’s the difficulty. If your alarm clock blares out to you from all over the other side in the room you’ll have to get approximately turn it off. I know it’s nasty but nobody said this would be pretty.

• Have a glass water next to your alarm / time clock – and drink it down, the entire glass once you turn off the alarm. This will help your body to appreciate that it is actually time to rise up now. A lot of us need rehydrating in the mornings and this really does help to get out of bed the body and also the brain.

• Get active – okay, so the idea of a 5 mile run may not exactly fill you with the enthusiasm to drag yourself out from bed in the mornings but exercise truly does help you to sleep soundly . . . which actually helps you to get out of bed feeling refreshed the following morning. Running is not required, walking will work, cycling is nice, dancing is great fun and doesn’t need good weather . . . what about your Wii? Do something which involves moving.

• Keep a well stocked bathroom library – many people do the majority of their reading inside the bathroom and if that seems like you, make sure that there’s something interesting for you personally in the mornings as you go about your early biological needs. It can make the whole experience a lot more pleasant and may even encourage you to rise up a few minutes earlier to finish off of the next chapter.

Fundamental for this whole routine is a reliable, good and noisy alarm clock (ideally synchronized together with the one in the workplace that probably was purchased at to get your day off to an earlier start.

What is Azodicarbonamide?

Honestly, I’m having a hard time pronouncing the word “Azodicarbonamide”.  Azodicarbonamide has become a very controversial among food consumers lately. Many consumers are concerned about ingesting bread that contains this chemical.

What is  Azodicarbonamide. Well, back in the day, bread would go bad or stale after a few days of baking. You will see mold growing. However, nowadays, we can buy bread that remains fresh for a week or so. This is because of Azodicarbonamide. It is used as a food additive, a flour bleaching agent and improving agent. The bad image of Azodicarbonamide is, it is used in the production of foamed plastics, such as yoga mats, shoe soles, floor mats and window gaskets. Now, you know what is this chemical is. Would you want to eat a bread that contains this additive?

UK, Australia and Europe banned this chemical in foods. It is just sad that only United States allows this ingredient in foods. The World Health Organization (WHO) studied azodicarbonamide; it is also linked it to asthma and other allergic reactions. So when you buy bread make sure it doesn’t contain this chemical additive. Anyhow, after a food blogger got more than 50,000 signatures in a petition drive to remove Azodicarbonamide in Subway bread. Subway has announced, they will remove a plastic-based chemical food additive and bleaching agent from their sandwich bread. 

Arctic weather

The weather has been crazy this month. The temperature has dropped below freezing many times here in Southwest. Now, I am kind of concerned about my heating bills. I didn’t receive our electric bill and gas bill yet but I am pretty sure it’s not going to make happy. Oh, well, this is part of life. We will never be comfortable in this world. Today, it’s my first time to turn off our furnace since two weeks ago. I hope the temperature will continue to rise, though, we will be expecting rain showers starting Sunday. Oh wait, that’s the Superbowl. Hope the weather is not so bad on Sunday. Anyhow, I can’t wait for Spring. Despite my complaints, I still like different seasons.

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